Why My Kids Say Yes Mom

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“Yes, Mom!”

I grew up in a home where my parents required me and my five siblings to say “yes, mom” or “yes, dad”. For example, if my mom asked me to go clean up my room my response would be “yes, mom”. I remember growing up thinking, why is it so important to my parents that I respond this way? Why can’t I just say “ok”? As an adult it is so incredibly clear to me how important this little habit is.

When I ask my kids to complete a task and they walk away without acknowledging me, I am left wondering if they are going to do what I said. Sometimes I even question if they heard what I said. I can hear the tone of my children’s voices when they respond with a “yes, mom”. I can then generally determine what kind of attitude they have concerning what I have asked them to do. It is proven that when someone verbally responds that they are much more likely to do what they said they would do. This makes so much sense to me!

It can be weird to make your children say ‘yes, mom’, but I think its weird to not know if your child heard you or not.

First Time Obedience

The habit of responding with a “yes, mom” cultivates respect for authority and first-time obedience in your children. In fact, I always say that “yes, mom” is the first step towards creating a first-time obedience atmosphere in your home.

What is first-time obedience you ask? Listening the first time when you are asked to do something is the core of first-time obedience. If I have to ask my child to do something twice, that is not first-time obedience.



When I tell my two-year old to come to me, I expect that she come the first time I call her name. I also expect her to say “yes, mom” as she is coming to me. I know, I know…This is a lot to expect out of a two-year old, and believe me, it doesn’t happen every time. But… it happens a lot. And the older she gets the more she will listen. I know this because we have been working with my four-year old and six-year old for their entire lives and the payoff is real!

You guys, it might seem like a lot of work teaching your child how to listen the first time and respond with a “yes, mom” (or whatever phrase you decide you like) but it is so worth it! I would much rather put in the hard work now, rather than looking back with regret, wishing that I had focused more on building my children’s character.

Where Is Your Focus?

In reality, I am not focused on making my two year old happy. Raising children who respond well to authority, who listen to and respect their teachers is a major priority. I want my children to turn into adults who are excellent employees and who are self-motivated and hard-working. Honestly, I believe this starts with first time obedience and first time obedience starts with “yes, mom”.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

3 Responses to “Why My Kids Say Yes Mom”

  1. Shelley says:

    Beautifully put and Oh so Very True❣️

  2. Melissa says:

    Such a good reminder!!

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