How to Find Peace in the Pile of Laundry

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How to Have Peace Every Day


Hello there mama!

Hows your day today? Filled with dirty toilets, a kitchen sink full of dishes, and maybe a couple hundred piles of laundry? Yeah me too!

Peace in the pile of laundry.


But do you know what is so amazing despite this present chaos? Peace. I have found a way to still have peace.

Because let me tell you, peace does not come when all the kids are in bed and the laundry is put away. That is called a quiet home which don’t get me wrong is WONDERFUL, but I am not talking about a quiet home, I am talking about a peaceful home.

Quietness is a circumstance, peace is a state of being despite the present circumstance.

As a mother, you very well know that just because you say you are in charge does not necessarily mean that you are in charge. So what do you do when you are at your wits end with your children, your house is a disaster, and you get the dreaded phone call that your husband is going to be late coming home from work again!

What is your go-to? Do you lose it? Do you just give up and quit?

Or do you look for peace?

Can I just say that I am speaking as a person who has seriously lost control! Like, over the top freaking out, crying, curled up in a ball, in the kitchen corner! I have been there, done that, and I am most certain I will be there again at some point!

Turn to Him and find peace when things seem crazy.

We are all just imperfect people trying the best that we can. But I want to tell you there is hope for peace in our disarranged circumstances. And that hope can only come from one place, Jesus. He is the answer. He is the peace-giver. He is the solution to the feeling of being too overwhelmed to move.

But hold on a sec. I know what you are thinking…like okay yeah I know Jesus is the answer, but what exactly is He doing to solve my problem? First, you need to know that when you accept Jesus in your life, you have accepted the fullness of Him, He is in you.

So boom, you know Jesus, He is in you, you are His and He is yours. So what do you do with that, how is that helpful to you when you cant see the bottom of your laundry pile and your children wont eat their dinner that you so lovingly prepared for them?



The Art of Turning To Him

Simply put, you go to Him. To His Presence. And you engage with His Spirit. He is your friend, your mentor, your father, He is everything you need. His Spirit resides in you, everything that He has, you have. The fullness of His peace is at your fingertips. So receive it dear daughter of the King. Receive His peace. Stop trying to make it all better and just recognize His nearness.

Practically speaking I know this doesn’t sound real, but it works. When I am feeling overwhelmed I just stop. I lay on the ground and just listen to what He is saying.

Sometimes I don’t hear a single thing and that is, soooooo okay! All He needs us to do is recognize His existence and invite His peace in.


Jesus is the way of peace

Remember that He sees you, He knows you, and He so loves you. You are His everything. Be loved and receive peace my friend.



2 thoughts on “How to Find Peace in the Pile of Laundry”

  1. Love this Austyn! I can totally relate to those moments after a long day when you’ve felt like everyone has needed something from you every second! Thanks for the reminder where and how to find TRUE peace in the craziness of mothering!!

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